Industrial Products

With nearly Four decades of experience in level gauging, JOWA USA, Inc. supplies reliable level solutions to industrial and municipal customers throughout the world. These solutions include a family of Metritape gauging products, wireless instrumentation, ultrasonic level sensors, pressure transmitter level sensors and display instruments.

 Metritape Level Gauges

Unique to JOWA USA, Metritape sensors are based on the Company’s own patented resistance-tape technology. Providing reliability, low-maintenance and stability, the Metritape product family includes Aquatape for water and wastewater, Petrotape for petroleum and fuel, Chemtape for chemicals and petrochemicals and the LA sensor series for higher temperatures and pressures.

 Wireless Instrumentation

JOWA USA's wireless instrumentation products are an ideal addition to any resistance-tape sensor where power and signal wires do not exist. The Wireles Resistance Transceiver and the Wireless Base Radio allow for level monitoring virtually anywhere.



 Ultrasonics / Pressure Transmitters

For customers who require a non-contact level solution, JOWA USA offers a line of ultrasonic level sensors available for ranges up to 30 feet, and JOWA USA's line of pressure transmitters for level indication. Pressure transmitters include the PT30 and the PT5000 series, which offer rugged construction, excellent stability, reliable accuracy, and low maintenance.



JOWA USA offers a full line of displays including loop powered analog indicators, digital display meters, alarms, explosion proof loop powered displays and PC-based systems.



Detailed information about products can be accessed below by clicking on the text or its accompanying image. Product data sheets, manuals and brochure are available for download on our product reference library as well as on their individual pages. For additional information or a quote, contact JOWA USA.

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