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JOWA USA, Inc. supplies reliable level gauging solutions to marine customers throughout the world. With more than 30 years experience in marine tank gauging, our systems have proven to be reliable, affordable and effective solutions for demanding gauging applications aboard hundreds of vessels. These include deep cargo tanks, ballast, draft, fuel, oil and water aboard tankers, barges containerships, cruise ships, drilling rigs, military vessels and floating dry docks.

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Our Metritape tank gauging systems and Metritape LA sensors are based on our unique, patented resistance-tape technology. A Metritape sensor is essentially an "electronic tape measure", which converts distance along its length into resistance, measured in ohms. The sensor backbone is a stainless steel strip with a gold contact stripe on the face. The steel strip is insulated on its edges and then wound with a gold finished nichrome wire to form a helix. When liquid contacts the sensor's outer envelope jacket, hydrostatic pressure causes the helix wire to contact the gold contact strip. The resulting resistance indicates the length of the active (uncontacted) helix, and the distance from sensor top to liquid surface. This no moving parts sensor resists product build-up and is not adversely affected by surface waves, foam or vapors within the tank.

Detailed product information can be accessed below by clicking on the text or image. Product data sheets, manuals and brochure are available for download on our product reference library as well as on their individual pages. For additional information or a quote, contact JOWA USA.


 Metritape Tank Gauging

In response to the industry trend of integrating onboard instrumentation with a streamlined approach to system gauging, JOWA USA provides a family of Metritape tank level gauging systems including: Vanguard IV, Sentry IV, Metricircut 60,000 and Metrimeter. Utilizing our Metritape technology, the systems are cost-effective, reliable, low-maintenance and stable.


 Metritape LA Sensors

The LA series Metritape sensors are a modular approach to system building allowing selection of various sensors, sensor housings and instruments tailored to meet specific customer requirements.


 MetriGuard Water Ingress Alarm

JOWA USA's MetriGuard Water Ingress Alarm System is designed for Bulk Carriers and Complies with Annex 1, Draft Amendments to SOLAS Chapter XII - Additional Safety Measures for Bulk Carriers, Regulation 12 and IACS UR S24. The MetriGuard Water Ingress Alarm System operates with JOWA USA's rugged Metritape sensor that provides reliability and accuracy, even in demanding cargo hold conditions.




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